Making Monthly Rent Payment

Dear Current and Future resident of DSLP Properties:

We would like to introduce you to Zelle, an easy way to pay your rent with no extra cost nor need need to purchase a money order. If your bank does not participate with zelle you can use the regular DSLP deposit slip that you have to pay rent.

To Make Zelle payment:
It is very convenient as Zelle allows you to pay your rent with your laptop or smartphone by using Zelle. Here are the following steps:


Step 1

Access ZelleĀ®
You can findĀ ZelleĀ®Ā in your mobile banking app. If you already have your banking app on your phone, there’s no download necessary. Logging on your bank account mobile app (Bank of America, Navy Federal, SunTrust, BB&T, WellsFargo, PNC, State Bank, ā€¦ etc)

If your bank or credit union doesn’t offerĀ ZelleĀ®Ā yet, just download theĀ ZelleĀ®Ā app to get started.

Step 2

Once youā€™re enrolled with ZelleĀ®, all you need is DSLP email address or U.S. mobile phone number to send money to DSLP.
Select send money with Zelle
Add DSLP as your new recipient:
First name: DSLP Ā  Last Name: LLC
Or Recipient email: [email protected]


Step 3

Verified Recipient is [email protected]

Step 3

You will also receive notification via email…


And text via mobile number…

Step 4

Enter the amount of your rent. For first time paying through zelle the limit is $500. and the next day you can do up to $2000.
(Caution: If this is your very first time, please lease try sending $1 to DSLP to see if it is working)

Step 4

As mentioned before If your bank does not participate with Zelle, you can use the regular DSLP deposit slip that we have provided for you to pay your rent.